August 11, 2008

summer 08 re-cap

End of the summer re-cap. I have a need to do this for my own sake just to remember certain things that I know I will forget in 3 years time because all my summers now run together into one giant summer that goes on for years. After 10 camp summers, I distinctly remember my first summer and the rest sort of blend together. I've even started to forget names! Yikes!

Things that I want to remember this year:

The weather was amazing. Rarely HOT. In fact the hottest weeks were during staff training.

The osprey nest near my cottage caught fire and blazed on for hours. The fire department had to come and watch it burn cause it was on top of a telephone pole.

An ambulance came because a boat crashed onto the rock jetty by the county pier. The driver had passed out.

Laughing, laughing, laughing. I laughed a lot this summer.

Crafts outside by the snack shop.

Baltimore trip complete with dancing and dinner at Margo's.

The pool inspector who came in a skirt and high heels and then promptly stepped into a mud puddle outside of the pool gate.

Talking about salvation with 3 of my photography students.

Seeing my photography students "get it" when they were taking photos.

Hearing the banana boat pull away from the floating pier.

Lunch out with new friends after church on Sundays. More laughter.

Lots of bridal showers.

Carlye's wedding.

Ian's outfits each week.

Prom. It was my favorite moment of the summer!

The junior counselors. I really loved them this year!

Lunches with Kristi.

Little M being in her high chair and giving dirty looks to every one who smiled at her.

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