August 01, 2008

when it clicks

When one of my photography students took this shot of his counselor on Tuesday, I almost hugged him with glee. He totally got everything I had been trying to explain in the short amount of time I have to instruct them. The angle, the light, the composition. It's just fantastic.

Now the greatest part of this (to me) is that the photo was taken by a 14 year boy. The boys aren't usually into this type of thing here. They would rather flirt with girls or go tubing or play the amazing game of dodge ball. Artist things aren't considered "cool." So I was so excited when this kid (who I have watched grow up through the years) decided to come to the class and really, really loved it. I think he has lots of natural ability and hope that in the future he can continue on with photography.

Cool moment of the week, for sure. I'm sad that the class is coming to an end. Even though it added yet another activity onto my super busy schedule, once it started every night I really, really loved it. The kids couldn't believe that they got to use cameras and take pictures themselves. The really got into it and were sad when it was over. I loved seeing their faces when they showed me a shot they knew was good. I can't wait to improve the program and see more kids learn to love photography next summer.

**** for all you camp alumni, the camper was Darius B. He has an older brother, Demetrius. Most of you probably remember him. He's so grown up now!

***fyi: The Chapman's interview on GMA was changed to August 6th. I'll let you know if it changes again.

*****I'm already depressed that next week is our last week of camp. Really, really sinking into deep depression. Especially since I got my new Fall schedule today and I realized that even though camp is ending, my life isn't slowing down till November. I feel like I did at the beginning of every new semester of college when I would get a pile of syllabus' and call home crying to my mom that I couldn't do and life was going to drown me.
Can you tell that I don't handle stress well?

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Katie's Story said...

Don't be too depressed about camp ending! It's not good for you. Just to give you something to look forward to- we're making the long trip out there at the beginning of next week (after camp ends). Make some time in your busy schedule to play with your nephew, ok?