August 19, 2008

just a yucky day

Life is yucky today.

Too many changes.
Too many things to decide.
It's just too much.

A heavy heart for friends.
A unsettled feeling.
A need for change and a need for normalcy at the same time.
Grasping to the past that is slipping through my fingers.
Feeling lost and unsure and drifting.

Every little decision seems huge.
Everything seems overwhelming.

I know it will be better tomorrow.
My brain knows this,
But my heart is stuck in an emotional roller coaster at the moment.

Please tell me you guys have days like this too....


Tiffany said...

definitely know the feeling! hope tomorrow is better for you. i'll be praying for you! i also wished i lived closer so we could go and get that ice cream! that would probably be good for yucky days like this!! miss ya!

Anonymous said...

i have days like this, for sure.
but you are loved, know that.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I have WEEKS like this you want to go to Rita's tonight w/ me & mads??? :)
CALL & let me know!
(you know who I am)

RaCeQu said...

I have a few days out of the month like this, if you know what I mean. And the hardest part for me is knowing its hormones but still not being able to do anything about it.

(sorry for the t.m.i.=)

Glad "the fog" has lifted.