August 08, 2008

Re-cap and the beginning of the end and another beginning

I hope you all got to see Larry King last night. It was an amazing picture of God's children showing His love and grace in the flesh.

I thing the one thing that struck me the hardest was this....

The Chapman's are normal people. Yes, that's true. But more than anything else I admire about them, Christ shines out of them so brightly that "they" are almost invisible. The way they put the kingdom first. The way their family is together. They want, more than anything, to be a light in this dark world. And last night....what a beautiful light they were. They chose to do that interview last night (knowing that it would be hear breaking for them) because they wanted others to hear Jesus' love.

If you missed it, you can catch up with some of it here. Jim Houser, Steven's manager, was there while they were taping. He wrote his impressions here.

And I do have to say that Larry King drove me crazy a couple times. I know much of it was because he just doesn't understand their faith in Christ. I remember Jerry Falwell used to say that Larry was one person that he prayed for often. He was searching, but just didn't want to take that final step. When I saw his final thoughts HERE, it just made my heart ache for him.


In other news...

Today is our last (sob....) day of camp. Our last group of campers leave tonight. Our last snack shop. Our last group game. Our last pool time and meal and Bible Study.

Now I know that it is said that life goes by faster when you get older, but this year was like the speed of light. I really don't know where it went! Our staff does their major exodus tomorrow and then it's down to a handful of us. On the bright side, it's is gorgeous outside today. Like the most perfect weather all year. That makes it just glorious.


The Olympics start today. Is anyone else super excited! I LOVE the Olympics and the summer games are my fave! Gymnastics, diving, swimming, track and field. Oooo, can't wait! And it's in China too.


Tiffany said...

thanks for the reminder about larry king - i totally missed it thursday night thinking it was wednesday night and i couldn't find it on tv. so i watched in on you tube today!

Gina said...

I am going to pray for Larry ever time I see him. It is true, I guess he is searching. He said he wished he had that faith. Wow.