August 18, 2010

beautiful pieces of music

I put Battlestar Season 4 soundtrack in my car a few days ago. I think I've been missing the show. Missing Starbuck and Adama and Apollo. (not that I have ever stopped listening to the music. It's always on my most played list.)

Anyway, I realized that I am just positively in love with the whole Adama/Roslin theme. I get chills when I hear it. I instantly take a deep breath and sigh, contentedly. It's one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard.

There is a piece of it on this particular soundtrack. I think I finally stopped hitting repeat in my car after about the 10th time. No joke. I love it.

My very favorite arrangement is the first time it is used on the Season 2 soundtrack.

Is there a piece of music like that for you? Something that echoes your inner most being? Something that makes you stop and just listen and be?

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