August 02, 2010

Sunday picnic

The last few days, the Lord has answered our pleading and sent us some lovely weather. I don't think any of us are taking it for granted at the moment.

This weekend, on our last camp weekend, I decided that a picnic was in order. A "lay on the blanket and read" picnic to be more exact.

So, off to the park I went with my roommate

and our friend in tow.

We had a lovely time, until the rain chased us away

and we ran back to the car with our blankets as our umbrellas. It was perfectly wonderful while it lasted.

Now, we begin our last week. Week 8. It's not going to be easy. It will be full of goodbyes, my absolutely least favorite thing in the whole world. I'm terrible at goodbyes. I don't think they should exist. I think we should all have Star Trek transporters in our living rooms so that we can have anyone over at any time. No matter how far away they live. If scientists can make watermelons without seeds, surely they can make transporters, right?!

Anyway, week 8 is here and there is nothing I can do to change it. I'm going to do my best to soak in each moment and enjoy my friends being here. And then I'm going to put on my brave face and be an adult and give hugs goodbye. I'll take those last minute photos together and wave as cars leave the parking lots . And then, I'll look back over the summer and smile and mourn over the wonder (good and bad) that it was.

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Diana said...

I laughed out loud and didn't expect it to be pete that was your friend in tow!!