August 24, 2010

Books and yummies

THE book came out today. As soon as 5pm hit, my roomate and I jumped into the car and raced to B & N. We have to each by a copy. We've tried to buy one copy of books we both love and one person would read it and then share it. That didn't can you wait just knowing that your roomie is finding everything out? Two copies is just better.

Then we went and had dinner at the Lebanese cafe in our area because we were watching Anthony Bourdain's return trip to Beruit today. The food looked so yummy!

Now it's time to settle into a good book on this cool August evening. Sounds lovely, doesn't it?

Cottage Girl


Kaley said...

MOCKINGJAY! Jealousy! I'm cheap and picked super saver shipping on amazon so it's not here yet :(

cottage girl said...

I couldn't wait for shipping, so we just went to the store. There's something fun about picking it up off the shelf.
Then the annoying check-out guy said, "you want me to tell you the ending?" We yelled "NO" and gave him dirty look. Really?!! What a jerk!