August 31, 2010

randomly inspired

Future of Forestry's album Twilight was the most played music on my Zune this summer. I listened it over and over and over. The Bro suggested it to me about a year ago, and I just got around to listening to it this year.

Anyway, as I was looking into getting some of their newer stuff (Twilight is from 2007), I found these EP's. The covers were just so pretty I had to share. Love the titles too.

I would totally put this one on my wall. Tall ships always capture me.

I ♥ finding inspiring things randomly throughout the day. Love, even more, remembering to save them so that I can use them later. Kinda like my Flickr faves that I have been going through again recently. So much inspiration and beauty.

Gotta try these and see if the music is a great as the artwork. Anyone else heard them?

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