August 31, 2010


Mockingjay = finished.


Let the discussions begin...


Kaley said...

SO dissapointed about Peeta, but glad it worked out in the end!
What was up with Gale being morally depraved?
Loved it, but Katniss was a little too depressed.

cottage girl said...

What do you mean disappointed about Peeta?

I was never a big Gale fan, so I was fine with his story.

Shannon and I were saying that if Katniss had a happy ending with no repercussions, it would have been weird. The girl had been through too much to ever have a normal life/mind. I thought for a while that she would be killed in the end. I'm kinda glad she was messed up and tortured. It made her more real.

It wasn't HP, but still a good read. But my goodness that was one of the most violent books I've ever read. I don't know if I could see the movie they turn it into. must read The Book Thief. It was my favorite of everything I read this summer. Sooo good!