August 11, 2010

Faces: God's surprising plan

This is the face of God's surprising plan.

This sweet person has a camp story very similar to mine. She came here Week 1 with her sister, who is dating one of the guys on our management staff. She decided to come and hang out with her sister at this camp she had heard about. Just so happens that she fell in love with it after just a few days. Just so happens that she filled out an entire application and gave it to the summer director to put on file for next year because she was so excited about what God was doing here. She drove home (3 states away) excited for next summer and possibly coming here to work.

Then our whole Week one disaster happened and we were looking for a female day camp counselor for the summer. Well, it just so happened that the summer director had an application in hand.....

She said "yes!!" to 7 weeks of camp, packed and drove all the way back here to spend the rest of the summer with us. And what a wonderful blessing she was! The kids LOVED her! Our staff LOVED her! And we were once again humbled by a God who has His plan already in place even though we can't see it directly in front of us.

I am continually blow away by the way God's work is accomplished here. It is astounding to see His hand in our lives, our work, His ministry. Astounding and so very humbling!


tp said...
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tp said...

I have LOVED these posts of yours. love them.