August 15, 2010

Faces: God's love

This is the face of God's love.

The very presence of His life changing love. I see it in action every day in this face. This beautiful face that belongs to my dear, sweet, brave friend. She lives with an open heart. She is willing to make the hard choices to follow Him. She is funny and kind and gives great hugs.

God brought her here last summer. Oh, how she brightened my life. This summer we didn't work together at the water's edge, but we found those moments to have great talks and listen to each other. I'm always excited to see how God's love is changing her heart.

This was a HARD summer for her. There were tears of pain. But I'm so proud of the way she handled herself. She did such a great job in a position of leadership here this summer.

I'm blessed to call her my friend and blessed to be reminded of God's love each time I see her face. I'm so excited to see where God leads her.

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Anonymous said...

That is wonderful. Love you wig.