August 22, 2010

one you can't miss

One of the coolest things I got to do this year was the Sundance Film Festival back in January. And by cool, I mean "over the top, amazingly, awesome and I want to go back in 2011." I'm already budgeting my plane ticket and condo. Since I have an "in" at Sundance and I will do just about anything to spend time with The Bro, I just have to go back.

Anyway....on September 24th, one of my favorite movies out of the few that I was able to see at the festival is coming to theaters. I was able to see the premiere. Bill Gates was there. Robert Redford was there. The director, Davis Guggenheim, was there. Also, Geoffrey Canada, whom I had heard on This American Life.

Waiting for Superman is a documentary about the public school system in America. And it's a discussion starter. I was in line at the movie with a public school teacher and a charter school teacher. Discussions for an hour even before the movie started. Then the question and answer session after we watched the

This is one you can't miss.


kaley said...

this looks interesting- although I thikn our society and its values play a key component in the education of our youth...

twentyfivetolife said...

I loved this movie. One of my favorites of the festival. I thought you might also like to know that the director from "A Small Act" was here at the labs this week and I got to talk to her about what has happened since the movie came out.
She said that the organization has received tons of donations and has gone from sponsoring 10 kids to 100 kids, and next year it should be 150 kids. Pretty awesome what can be done if more people are made aware of these types of non profits.

cottage girl said...

That just warms my heart. Wish I could do a doc like that about some of the organizations I support in China.
ps...i miss you, like, bad. wanna come home? forget that silly Sundance stuff.