August 27, 2010

glued to my television set

It's Emmy weekend.

For this TV addicted girl (from a ridiculously young age...just ask my mom), that means I'll be glued to my television set from the entrances to the very last award given. Oooo-ing and ahhhh-ing over gowns and clips and speeches. Can't wait!!

All my votes are going to the underdogs.

Here's hopin' that Coach and Tammi finally get recognized for their smart and perfectly acted rolls on Friday Night Lights. It's one of those "perfect actor meets perfect roll = magic" things.

Also hoping that Jim Parson's takes home a statue as well for his equally perfect Sheldon.

And I'm hoping that Modern Family kicks Glee's butt.



Nick and Kaley said...

The cast of FNL looks super attractive. Maybe I should be watching this show.

cottage girl said...

Two word, Kaley....Tim Riggins. You will understand the magic of those two words only if you watch this unbelievable show. Just ask Shannon.