August 14, 2010

freakin' roll

Because I love you and because I was on a freakin' roll the other night I have lots of posts for you whilst I'm on holiday. Seriously. I was writing post after post and I couldn't sleep even when midnight rolled around. It was fantastic. The flood gates were opened.


I have a delightful mix of randomness and who-knows-what-ness prepared for you while I lie on the beach and soak in some (more) sun. Plus, I'm going to try and phone-post when I can (ps...I really, really want an iphone just for reasons like this.). I hope this begins to mend things when I left you this summer. You see, I really did want to post. But life had to be lived in real time instead of being typed out. And now, you reap the benefits because I'm full of ideas and words.

An now, adieu to yur and yur and yur (and hello family and sandy beach!). Enjoy my midnight posts.


Cottage Girl

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