March 20, 2008

my birthday "if only" wish

I want to go so bad breath catches in my chest when I think about it.

I want to go so bad that.....immediately after I read about it today, I went to and and to find a cheap ticket out to LA.

I want to go so bad that.....I'm lying to myself saying that it's a once in a lifetime event and it will, of course, be worth the ridiculous amount of cash I would spend on getting there.

I want to go so bad that.....the soundtrack will now play over and over for the next few days as I mourn my east coast habitation.

I want to go so bad that.....I'm telling myself that the great Josh Groban disappointment of 2005 wasn't all that bad. Lies, lies, I tell you!

I want to go so bad that....I would give up new clothes for 6 months.

I want to go so bad that.....

No, I have to stop. It's one of those things I just have to let go. One of those thing I wish I hadn't heard about before it happened. One of those things I wish there weren't any tickets left for $21 each. One of those things that makes me curse scientists for never having come up with teleporting so I could "beam" over to LA for the night. Ohhhhh, wellllll.....

1 comment:

Gina said...

I say go for it.