March 24, 2008


1. Going through my Flickr fave's is a great way to get rid of the photography blah's. It's jam packed with ideas and color and life.

2. A new computer can make life a little sweeter, however an new computer with the same old internet issues can drive a person mad.

3. The story of Easter is really, truly is amazing. Forgiveness of sins. Holiness. True love. Mercy and grace. I feel like I am at the very beginning of understanding what each of these things are. And that gives me chills.

4. Sometimes life takes weird turns and you don't realize it until months or years later. This thought could be a spawn of my upcoming 31st (yikes!) birthday. I am nowhere where I thought I would be at this age, but I don't know that I would want to be where I thought I would be. Yeah, try and figure that one out!

5. Nephews (or nieces, I'm sure) are truly one of the coolest things in the world. I will do just about anything to make this kid love me. When he smiles at me and when he lets me take him from mom, I feel like a million bucks.

6. I am terrible at correspondence. I like to think that I excel in this area, but my track record pleads otherwise. It is something that I need to work on....

7. I need to purchase a Sigg water bottle and throw away the plastic death vile I use.

8. Why do I stay up till past midnight reading a book that I have read before? I really truly couldn't put it down last night. The "one more chapter" rule turned into 4 more.

9. Why is writing a blog so much fun? I don't post anything of significance. My ponderings and musings seem to pale in comparison to those I love to read like Pioneer Woman and Hula Seventy and my forever favorite, even though it has been gone for a year now, Gwenblog (oh, how I miss it!). But there is something so exciting about writing down my thoughts. I am still shocked when I hear that people read it.

10. Spring is finally here. How do I know this, other than the calender saying so? The smell in the air. The coat that is happily traded for a jacket. The pale green buds on the trees. The burst of color from the daffodils and crocuses. The later sunsets. The gut instinct that a life lived outside has returned!

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