March 21, 2008

Friday Finds

Lots of fun finds this week. Hope you find one that inspires you!

Why, hello, Cullen family. I must say that I pictured you very differently in my own little imagination, but you will do. I WILL pay $10 to see you all vamp-ified on the big screen.

I may have been clicking like crazy over at Stephanie Meyer's website this week. And I may be slightly excited about her new book The Host that comes out in May. Mayyybeee.

The best props I can give to this movie is to say that it actually made me get off my couch and run. And it made me laugh.

Another reason why Firefly will forever be one of my favorite shows. In the depth's of my heart, I'm still hoping for a movie sequel.

I've never wanted to make out with the internet more. It is a magical wonderland and Joss is the wizard.

Fun jewelry on Etsy. Found on Flickr from a contact.

As of late, I have been thinking about my "need" of stuff. I have so much. I don't need more. This article speaks well to that effect. Marketing can be so dangerous.

This artwork
reminds me of Nancy Drew. So creative.

The SNL photographer
that takes those amazing pictures that they show between the commercials and the next skit. I've always thought those pictures were amazing. I like Kate Winslet's the most, but then again I think she is beyond beautiful already. Paul Giamatti's are super fun. I love his acting and think he's adorable. Scarlett Johansson's are amazing.

It's like the mothership calling me home! I'm going to look for tickets right now. Bear live?!! Please, oh, please let some miracle happen so I can go!

Two Top 10's from David Letterman. First was the hilarious Top 10 Least Popular Dr. Seuss Books. My favorite was Osama's in Pajamas. I still laugh about that one. (watch it, instead of reading it. It's way funnier. Click the video camera)
Second, was the super fantastic Top 10 Reason to Watch the New Season of Battlestar Galactica complete with 10 of my favorite cast members. You have to watch it (click on the tiny video camera under the title on the right) to really appreciate it.

Found this through my favorite photography newsletter. The Ones We Love. So inspiring to see all the stories and photos. I love this one, this one and this one and this one (the clouds shot) too.

My folk music love, Joshua Radin, has 4 new songs up on his MySpace music page. They are, as usual, absolutely delightful. I've been wanting new Joshua for a while. His old CD was banished back to the shelf cause I played it over and over.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend everyone! I pray that you find a way to celebrate the God in heaven who came to earth and died for each of us. are worth Jesus to God.

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