March 30, 2008

Peek through the windows..

...of my little cottage and this what you will see.

First, my living room. This window faces North. You can see some of the camp buildings and the water behind them.

This window faces the west and in the evenings is a slideshow of sunsets. I can sit here for hours and stare. These are our two piers. In the summer time, the furthest one has 2 power boats on their lifts and a sailboat tied up. The beach is full of kids laughing and playing. It's the hub of summer fun here. I can't wait for it to come alive again.

This window is right next to the pier window. You can see the river here too, and our little porch, which is not usable at the moment. It's screened in and lovely when its clean and warm outside. Its spring cleaning is imminent. I sit here lots and lots during the warm months. It's a perfect spot at the end of the day to sit and watch the water.

The kitchen window looks into one of our oldest camp buildings. The boy campers stay in it during the summer and I can always see flashlights swirling after lights out. In the background at the moment, you can see the boats all wrapped up in their winter coats.
The other kitchen windows over the sink looks out across the field to the rest of the camp dwellings. Our own little commune. I love that I can see lights on at night and know that friends are nearby.

The kitchen door, the main door of our house has a "screen" door. I love having it open when the weather allows.

My bedroom window in front of my computer faces the river as well as the back of our large climbing tower. You can also see Jacob's ladder and our high element if you look carefully. This is another high traffic area when camp is going on.

My other window faces The Bro's dwelling. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have him so close. I love that I only have to walk across the field to see him.

There you go. The windows to my world. The best thing is that I can see the water in some way from every window. And there is nothing better than living on the water. It's definitely one of the best things about living at camp.

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