March 06, 2008


I know I owe you a big post.
I know.
I know.
I know.
Please forgive this short one yet again.
I'm off to see SCC live in concert.

Life really will slow down soon, right?
I mean, I know we lose an hour this weekend, but it will, won't it?
I'm not caught in some black hole where a million and one things keep popping up and I have to keep doing them or my limbs will fall off.
Speaking of limbs falling hands are finally recovering. I can now pick up a pen AND grip it while writing.
I'm thinkin' that's a good thing since I work in an office.
Well...usually work in an office unless there are rooms to re-do.
Then I let the machine answer the phone and the mail pile up.
Did I mention I'm behind in that area too?

Did I also mention that Project Runway was AMAZING last night.
Talk about inspiring.
I was in love with Christian's designs.
Very glam.
Very My Fair Lady - Day at the Races
More on this later....

I'm off.

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