March 07, 2008

SCC confession

I cry every time I go see Steven Curtis Chapman. I try not to, but fail every single time.

Last night was no exception. Here are a few example of the things that made me tear up....

  • I walked in the door to the arena and I was instantly in sight of about 3 families with little Chinese girls. No matter where I am, this makes me tear up, but here it's definite. And knowing that many of these little girls would still be in orphanages in China, if not for this family (the Chapman's) stepping out in faith and adopting.

  • There were people walking around the lobby area with big buckets collecting change. The change would all be pooled together at the end of the concert and a check would be given to a family that was a awarded a Shaohannah's Hope scholarship. A family would be one step close to their new family member.

  • The family that was chosen at our concert came on stage at the very end of the show. They held up a picture of the 2 little girls they were in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. The mom got choked up when Steven handed her a check for $5,100.

  • He opened his show with my very favorite song of his. Be Still. I love that at the beginning of his concerts, he walks out by himself and explains to the audience that we are all there to worship God. It isn't about him and his songs, it's about worship. He played this song with his guitar and then prayed that we would all see the Lord and worship Him in the next few hours we would be together. So very humble.

  • His sons were in his band on this tour. He has told stories about them for years. You could visibly see how very proud he was to play with them. And they were GOOD too.

  • He sang When Love Takes You In. The video playing was of Shaohannah's Hope families who had mailed in videos of the moments that they had adopted their little ones plus the Chapman's and their adoption moments with their 3 little ones. Good gracious, I think everyone was teary eyed.

  • At intermission, a little Chinese girl with her tub of change headed to find a Show Hope bucket.

  • He did a set of him playing requests that people had emailed in. Lots of old songs. He was saying that those songs were like the Old Testement Ebenezer stones. Little pillars that you see (or hear in this case) and you remember what God was doing in your life at the time you first heard it. So very true for me. His songs have been HUGE in my Walk.

This is just a few, mind you. There were more, but I promise I won't drag on and on. If you ever get a chance to go and see him live, do it. Even if you don't really enjoy his music style, I promise that you will have an incredible experience.

And a special thanks to my mom who is always up for a SCC concert with me. It was a great time, wasn't it?!!

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