March 04, 2008

Edward Scissorhands

My hands are so sore that I can barely type tonight. Who would have thought that spray painting could take it out of you. I feel like Edward Scissorhands, not that my hands are blades, but that are cumbersome and in the way more than they help.

One more day and this room/project will be done and I will have my life back. Well, after this crazy weekend at work, then I will have my life back.

I AM looking very much forward to Thursday night. My mom and I are going to a SCC concert. I've seen him lots of times and have never been disappointed. He not only is a great performer, but an incredible speaker as well. I'm excited to see how much money is raised for orphans that night too. During this tour, he is giving away a Shaohannah's Hope scholarship at each concert venue. That scholarship will go to a family that is wanting to adopt, but needs some help with the money side of adoption. Cool, huh?! Can't wait for that, even if I am exhausted. I know God will have something for me that night. He always shows up at those concerts.

Sorry for the lame post. I promise to pick things back up again when work gives me some free time. It's just one of those months....

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