March 09, 2008

perfectly good reason

"Cottage girl. I checked your blog about 15 times yesterday and didn't get a new post. This made me mad. You better have a good excuse....or else...."

Well, first of all, if my little blog is that important to you, I am humbled and honored that the silly things I say actually make a difference in your day. Gracious me, I just write nonsense most of the time. Do you really enjoy the ramblings that much?!

Well, I do have a very good reason for not posting yesterday. It was one of the three following and I leave it up to you to decide with one is the real one.....

1. I just didn't have anything interesting to say and instead of writing a bunch of nonsense, I chose to let you re-read some of my past blogging topics.

2. I had a glorious photographic adventure all day. I ran home to load them onto my computer only to be foiled by my stupid SD card. It quite happily, I might add, ate all my wonderful compositions of light and color and left me with nothing in return. I couldn't stomach a post of words without the beautiful scenes I had hoped to leave you with.

3. I was working some major magic with 3 other friends. We managed to feed and serve 130 teengers and adults without electricity and water for 2 meals. A savage windstorm knocked out the power. I couldn't post because, duh, no electricity. Plus my fingers were frozen because there was, duh again, no heat.

So what do you think? Laziness, adventure scorned or savage winds? Option 1, 2 or 3. It's choose your own adventure. Maybe if you all choose the false one, I'll write a random story about it anyway.

p.s. the quote above is what I imagined some of you said yesterday. It is by no means a true quote. Sometimes I like to think that other people enjoy my blog as much as I do.


Audrey said...

My vote is for number 3~ The winds were harsh here also.

Anonymous said...

has to be #3. Way to go Wabanna Crew!!!