March 23, 2008

Hotel Cafe Tour 2008

Friday night, my friend L and I went to a concert. Not just any concert, mind you. It was the Hotel Cafe Tour 2008. We had gone to see this same tour about a year and a half ago. This time around, they were at a tiny venue right in the heart of our delightful little city. So nice not to have to drive an hour to see good music.

Let me start with this was one of my favorite concerts ever. It lasted 3 solid hours with NO intermission at all. There were 5 artists and they all took turns playing little mini sets of 3 or 4 songs and then the next one would come on. They all used the same band, or played their own instruments. And the best thing was they were all incredible! Such amazing voices and ranges of talent. It was exciting every time each one got up to sing cause I knew it would be good.

They were:

Cary Brothers

Love him and have for a couple years now. His voice is so cool. He was on the Garden State soundtrack and The Last Kiss soundtrack, which are two of my all time favorite CD's. He went to college with Zach Braff aka my TV boyfriend. His song Ride, is one of my all time favorite songs that is still on repeat years after I heard it for the first time. I also love Honestly, which you can hear on his website. He played those in that order his first time out on stage. It was perfect.

I love, love, love him. I can't say I have a favorite song because I love each and every one, but These Photographs is up at the top. He has 4 new ones on his Myspace Music page. I've seen him twice now and both times he was just fantastic. His voice is almost better live. If you enjoy the samples on his site, buy the CD. You won't be disappointed. I would go see him again tomorrow if the tour came back this way.

Ingrid Michaelson

Of course she is super popular right now. Playing on the radio and on TV shows like Grey's Anatomy (cool story she told: she wrote a song, submitted it to Grey's, they liked it and put it on one of their episodes. Total time: 3 weeks from writing to air. Crazy, huh?!) and Old Navy commercials. I think she sound much better in real life. Her voice is unbelievable. And she's really down to earth and funny. I loved all her sets. She also sang with Joshua R. a couple times, which was spectacular.

She came on stage. This tiny whisp of a girl with her big guitar. She sat on a stool and explained to us that it was her first night on the tour. Then she began to sing. I never would have thought that such an amazing voice could have been hiding in her. I bought her CD at the concert, but I think she sounded so much better live with just her voice and her guitar. Wow. What a fun surprise.

Eric Hutchinson

Again, total pleasant surprise with this guy. His voice is really cool. His first set was funny. He was describing the obvious similarities in Justin Timberlake's music and how 3 of JT's songs have the same melody with lyrics recycled from old 'NSYNC albums. I really enjoyed his music too. His first night on the tour as well.

One of the most amazing things (this is amazing to me and L more than you I'm sure) was that we were one of the first people seated at the concert. Everyone sits at tables with at least 4 chairs. Our table was off to the side at about the middle of the room. The cool thing was it was 1 table away from the door that led to the artist's room. We both watched Ingrid and Joshua and Cary walk right by us into their "dressing room." Then they all would come out and sit at the empty table next to their door, which was right next to me! I was sitting a arm's length away from Joshua Radin! Again, I'm a nerd and totally freak out when someone I admire is close by, so I'm sure you are all laughing at me. But I though it was really cool. Perfect seats, L! Perfect!

Hope you find some new music to love. And if the tour comes near you, GO. It's a wonderful merry-go-round of artists.

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I would do it again in a heart beat!