March 17, 2008

random thoughts on a Monday evening

Whitney Houston's Ultimate Collection is AWESOMMMMME. It totally takes me back to being a junior in high school sitting on my high school friend's bedroom floor singing along to The Bodyguard soundtrack. Anyone else? I didn't see the movie until I was in my 20's cause my parents had a very strict "NO RATED 'R' MOVIES" policy our house. But the music....oh, the music....

I went running today. I hated every minute of it, but hey, I did exercise. Sweet. My motivation was this cute little movie (so cute! funny and sweet.). My brother and I decided to be each other's annoying "I'm gonna make you run or else" partners. This was his kind and loving way of helping along in my running/exercising endeavor. I feel the love, don't you?

"As soon as you get off work, get changed and come over to my house for our run. I say for the first day we just do the little loop and back so we don't kill ourselves. If I don't see you by 5:10 I'll be coming over with the spatula (which is how one of the characters in the movie motivated the runner. he followed behind the runner on a scooter and hit him with a spatula every time he stopped)."

Baby Blue Salad
for dinner again. I took a picture (hurray!) for you this time. Isn't it pretty?!!

This may have been my second bowl full....

I missed Edward and Bella so much that I had to go back and "find" them again. I stayed up late last night reading, or should I say, re-reading Twilight again. Haaaaaahhhhh. It's like revisiting with old friends. Have you noticed I take my fictional characters a bit too seriously? It's a sickness dating back to my avid Baby Sitter's Club reading days. Just clicking around to find the link to those books made me miss them all over again too.

It's hard to be patient whilst I wait for my new computer. I feel like girl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when she screamed "I want it NOW!!"

I want to learn to surf.

My legs are tired from running.

My sister/Luke/brother-in-law are in town and I have to wait until Friday to see them.

I really, really, really love reading Pioneer Woman. I'm kinda happy that I found her late because I have had so much fun reading through her archives. She makes me want to be a better writer, a better photographer, a better blogger. I just love her, see??

I entered Elsie's give-away even though I know I have a one in a 1,000 chance of winning.

I like this verse that our pastor read on Sunday:
"Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom"
-Luke 12:32

The kingdom has been on my mind lots and lots lately. I love that God takes pleasure in us being a part of it. That blows my mind.

I really do love you, my readers. I also really do love when you leave me comments about my thoughts. It makes us feel connected. It makes me feel like I'm not just blathering on, but that you really do read what I write. I often wonder what you think when you read my writings. Are you surprised? Do you think, "where the heck did she get that from?" Do you click and say "ehh, that was just OK, but I wish she would write more about ______." These are things I ponder. I'm considering doing some sort of survey to see what you enjoy. Now the results of this survey may not necessarily deter me from writing about your least favorite subjects, but at least I'll know what you would like to hear more of. Mental note: come up with survey.

"Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight 'til it be morrow."

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