March 29, 2008

Time to give in, my dear

After watching Pride and Prejudice for about the 158th time today {158 viewing overall, not just today, silly} (it was on TV while I was cleaning. I HAD to watch it and then turn the satellite off and pull out the DVD cause I got to impatient with the commercials. I just had too...), I decided that I cannot be a good sister any more with out forcing my younger sibling to not only view this movie but fall in love with it as I did (and do). Whew, that was a long sentence....

You see, my dear readers, she refuses to watch said movie. Now for those of you who do not have the wonderful pleasure of knowing my sister like I do (since birth and beyond), you may not understand her iron strength of will. When she gets something in her head, you can forget about changing her mind.

Case in point...when we were small, we had a old, brown, file box of Barbies. Yes, a file box. It was won at a school auction for about $2. Jam packed full of Barbies and accessories, this box was my sister's favorite thing to take on vacation and lucky for her, it fit right under our old Ford van bench seats, stowing her precious goods until Barbie time arose. Now, truth be told, I did not love Barbies. I know, I know, what was wrong with me...yadee, yada, ya. It just wasn't my thing. I would much rather have been playing orphanage with my Cabbage Patch. Anyway, when she decided it was Barbie time, that meant it was Barbie time for Cottage Girl too. I would fight her on it, oh, yes I would. Then she would tackle me in the seat and pin me down, seat belts intact of course, Mom. I may have been older and bigger, but she fought dirty and had an iron grip of a 40 year old man. Or she would stare at me and not look away until I would say yes. Or she would sing out loud until I would say yes. Or she would try and lick me until I would say yes. Do you get the idea? She doesn't give in. It's her way or the highway.

So, my dear sister. You know I love you. You know that I only want your best in the viewing of movies. You also know I was right when I forced you to watch Sense and Sensibility again and you LOVED it. You know that The Bro and I were right about Battlestar. So, won't you please put Pride and Prejudice in your Netflix queue. You will love it. I just know it.

And you, dear readers, many of whom I know love and adore this movie as I do, leave a little comment for my beloved sister and convince her to give in and fall in love with it like we did.

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Katie's Story said...

I just can't do it! I'm sorry, but I can't. I don't even think it's my crazy strong will that's keeping me from it. I just have no desire to watch it at all. Pick any other movie and I'll give it a try. It's nothing personal! I just can't make myself watch it! Oh, and that made me laugh about the Barbies. How true!