March 18, 2008

"Cut to the chase, Freakshow"

So, my new computer (gasping loudly) shipped today. I am shocked because it wasn't projected to arrive until the end of next month. In preparation for a brand spankin' new hard drive, I am cleaning up and going through my 1,000's of pictures. Many of which I still owe to various people.
In all my dusting and digging, I've found lots of gems that are just too fun to not share. Now these have no necessary purpose. Most of them are pretty poor in the quality sense. But they do tell some pretty fun stories. I do apologize to those of you who have hoped that I had forgotten about said pictures. I have a hard time deleting anything.

Our mailbox is HUGE. Not only does it hold mail for the 13 people that live here, but also the 130 overnight campers and 70 staff in the summer. Getting mail in the summer required a LARGE box to cart it all back to the office to sort and deliver to the proper boxes.
Here, I am returning out Nielsen Ratings diaries. I think the question is why the heck am I taking a picture of it? Oh, yeah. I was still doing my 365. I remember now why I stopped....

Our neighborhood kids are out of control. Literally. This is the type of havoc they wreak. It still looks like this too. And it's really strange to me that people who have never been to camp before and have to drive by it don't even see it. How can you miss this?!!

The fire aftermath. This was the 5th time that week that the trucks were here. This time they were right outside of my house. They were searching for a water source in case another fire ever happened. You can see them standing on the beach.

Ah, the glitz of the city I never want to visit again. Our room held a view of Caesar's Trump Tower and The Tropicana (in the background). At least at night the filth and sleaziness is hidden by the dark.

Oh, hey, friends! Remember this?! We just LOVE Atlantic City, don't we? I must say as weird as AC was, it WAS fun to spend it with you guys. We ate a lot. We laughed even more. And there was a little dancing too. Good times.

Anyone else think that slots are the stupidest thing ever? Why would I pay a machine to make me stare at it for hours, praying to it to give me money, wondering what is going on outside, turning pasty white because I haven't seen the sun in days. Yeah, that's how I want to spend my vacation.

A little series I like to call,
Peter Pan will you teach me to fly like you?!
(sorry, Beth. I had to.)

I've almost got it! I can't give up now!
Ooo, may be loosing it a little bit...
Abort!!! Abort!!!

The search continues for gems like these. I know there must be more. Till next time.

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