March 07, 2008

Friday Finds

April 4th can't come fast enough. Here's a fun re-cap/refresher course. No one does promo's like BSG.

I can't seem to get enough of Pioneer Woman. She inspires me to be a better writer and photographer.

Flickr loves and gushes.

Sart finds another amazing one. The background made me Paris wistful.

I know it's kinda vain, but I rarely feel beautiful in photos. This one is a great exception so I'm posting it. Vanity, vanity, thy name is woman (it a bright pink dress with Mac Lipglass and clean hair soaking up some of the bridal glow from a friend).

My favorite actions. They enhance all my best photos. I've had them for months and still use them constantly.

Be still my FNL starved heart. The best news in TV land since the end of the strike. Can it be true!???

Project Runway finale. Did you see it? Did you drool over Christian's masterpieces like I did? My favorite was this little number.

Sci-fi defined. This made me laugh cause it seems almost more complicated that what it really is.

Happy Foody is doing a Raw Challenge. While I don't know that I can go all out, although I would love to try, the ideas she talks about have made me think a a lot lately.

Danielle was the guest designer at Hambly. Just look at all the pretties she made!
I LOVE Hambly. I think it's a Godsend that it isn't available anywhere near me cause I would spend way too much cash on it.

3191. What a grand idea. Love to pop over there every once in a while.

I loved the quote in this post. And I love this idea. Need to try it.

And for the big finale....I give you this video. I dare you not to laugh. The Q's introduced me to this gem while I was at their house this past weekend.

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