December 07, 2010

AOW community

Reverb10 + Community
Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

I found a whole new community this year. It all started with a photo. This one...

It still makes me gasp a little. A huge lump gets caught in my throat. I get lost in those deep, dark eyes. I image her little voice. Her smell. Her little hands gripping mine. This little face stole my heart.

Janie was a child at An Orphan's Wish. I saw her on a blog one day. A blog I read all the time. Her face wouldn't leave my thoughts. I decided to sign up and sponsor her. That began a beautiful connection to An Orphan's Wish. In February this year, Stefanie wrote this post. I instantly knew that God was calling me to do more, more than just sponsor a child.

So, I sent off an email. I found out that I could use talents I already have, things I'm already passionate about to help out these sweet orphans. It's not much. My time is so limited, but it was something I could do. I said yes with a grateful heart and have been overwhelmed by this whole experience.

I have found a community of people who love orphans. Really, truly love them. They give of their time and finances to advocate for them. They are passionate about making sure they are loved and cared for. They are fighting to see that these dear ones get the surgeries and medical care they need. They are doing everything they can to see these sweet babes are no longer called "orphan" but "sister, daughter, brother and son."

We weep over these children. We bring them before the Throne begging on their behalf. We pray that they are told that they are valued and loved and special. We cheer over their accomplishments and soak in every smile.

I'm so, so thankful to have found AOW. Or should I say, I'm so thankful that God sent them to me. It has radically changed my world. I can't wait to see where we are led next....

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