December 16, 2010

JW is it

I have a deep love for John Williams' music. It's been a life long love. I remember buying the Jurassic Park soundtrack on cassette tape and listening to it on my Sony Walkman for hours upon hours when I was a teenager.

I got to see John Williams conduct live once. It was at the Millennium Celebration on New Years Eve in DC. I stood with my family and a dear friend outside for hours in the freezing cold by the Lincoln Memorial. It was crazy. Everyone thought the would would end when 1999 ended. Remember that?! JW had composed a piece to go along with a short film that Steven Spielberg had made. Yes, it was super cool. And it happened right after Will Smith performed.

Then another time, a dear, sweet friend, who also shares my ridiculous love of JW, took me to the Kennedy Center to see the National Symphony orchestra perform his music. That was a night I shall never forget. We died of happiness that night.

John Williams soundtracks have been a part of my life for years. And Christmas wouldn't be complete without a listen to Home Alone's beautiful-ness. It feels like Christmas when I hear it.

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