December 31, 2010

2010's top 10

*in no particular order

1. Being a Show Hope volunteer. (meeting Julia, being behind the scenes, meeting adopting families, introducing people to SH)

2. Joining the volunteer crew at An Orphan's Wish. (editing the photos each month, hearing how the kids are doing, telling people about AOW and getting them excited to sponsor a child)

3. Going to the Sundance Film Festival. (One of the craziest, funnest things I've ever done. It was on my "things to do before I die" list for years.)

4. A week at the beach. (It was exactly what I needed at the end of a crazy summer.)

5. Smoothie night. (Best costumes we've had in years. Laughter, dance, fun)

6. A cruise with my Momma/swimming with dolphins. (It was colder than we hoped, but we still got to swim with dolphins. Ah-mazing. Checked another one off "the list.")

7. Seeing the Tim Burton Exhibit at the MoMA. (One of the most inspiring things I've seen. So thankful I have a roommate who will go on road trips on a whim with me.)

8. Going to LU/College roomie reunion weekend. (I still have happy sighs about this one. Words cannot express my love for these two amazing friends.)

9. Being a bridesmaid in Ashley's wedding and dancing it up at the reception. (Her reception was probably the most fun I've ever had at a wedding.)

10. Camp 2010. (Boiling hot. Boat driving filled. New friends. It was a tough one for me. One of the toughest yet. But still....I loved it.)

It's always equally exciting and terrifying for me to stare down the new year. What will it bring? Being a pessimist, it's always tough for me to be excited for the joy that will come. I tend to lean towards the fear of pain and sorrow that are always a part of life.

Making lists like these always help me focus on the blessings I've been given through the year. So many this year. Great trips. New friends and visits with the old ones. New experiences. Time with family.

Ok, 2011. Let's see what you've got.

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