December 22, 2010


This year, we did a gift exchange for our full time staff Christmas party at camp. They called it white elephant, but I think white elephant is a silly, funny gift. Like rocks in a box or a roll of toilet paper or an old sock. This wasn't one of "those" gift exchanges. We had to buy something nice. Or as nice as you can get for $10.

I instantly knew what I wanted to give. I'm kinda tired of the giving of useless junk just for the sake of giving a gift. It seems like such a waste of money. So, I went a completely different route. I bought a pair of pajamas for a Chinese orphan through An Orphan's Wish. These pajamas will go to one of beautiful children living in the House of Love.

Isn't that the best gift, ever?! Something desperately needed. A sweet kiddo sleeping, all warm and cozy this winter.

After I bought the gift, I wanted to make it special for the recipient of the exchange. I used some craft supplies I had laying around and came up with this ornament for them to hang on their tree as a reminder.

The back has the organization's name to remind them who was getting their gift.

I also included a post card I made with the faces of some of the sweet children that live in the House of Love (including my sponsored sweetie, Shannan). It also had a the web address for An Orphan's Wish so the recipient could see what AOW was all about for themselves (not that I don't talk about it constantly already...)

Just a fun way to think of others this season and not get so caught up in the whole "gift giving" thing. And talk about AOW a little more too!


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What a great idea! You're so crafty! I need to get back to crafting more and you've inspired me.