December 14, 2010

Current guilty obsession


I love it.

Can't help it.

I know it's cheesy and silly and so completely unbelievable.

But it's superheroes and Clark Kent.
Always been a sucker for that Clark Kent.

Season 10 is turning out to be one of the best yet.

My old season 5 DVD's have been on constantly while I'm finishing up Christmas presents.
It's the perfect background atmosphere for creating right now.

What's your guilty obsession as of late? to HP7 again with some friends this morning. Woo-hoo!


Nick and Kaley said...


cottage girl said...

I'm sure they have Smallville in CA, Kaley...

Anonymous said...

Mine is Felicity. I think it was only on for 4 seasons. I don't care how stupid it is. I will always love Kerri Russel. Especially when she cuts her hair off. Oh. season 2 was the best.

cottage girl said...

V: I've never watched Felicity. Gotta put that one in my Netflix queue. I loved Alias and I think Felicity was JJ Abrams project right before it. Thanks!