December 15, 2010

strange addiction

I have this strange addiction. Addiction to my siblings. I love them. Like....really love them. They are my best friends. They are just about the only people I call on the phone (and I hate talking on the phone). They are the only people that I miss every single day of my life when they aren't with me.

Don't get me wrong. We fight. We argue. We drive each other bonkers. We had drag out fights as kids. We tattled on each other. We were mean to each other. Brothers and sisters just seem to do that. Thankfully we grew out of most of that.

I would choose them over anyone else in the world to hang out with. They are the first ones I call (after Mom and Dad, of course) if anything good or bad happens in life. I count down the days that we get to spend together now that we are scattered across the country.

And since December is birthday month for both of them, it makes me miss them all the more.

His is today....

Her's was a few days ago.

Love you both! Can't wait to all be together for Christmas.

And thanks Mom and Dad...

I don't know how you raised three kids to get along so well. I know that Jesus had a lot to do with it, but still. That's a pretty big accomplishment in the parental book in my opinion.

on a completely different note: I'm having major distress over my hair cut last week. It's not even that different. I got about 4 inches of "summer hair," as my hair dresser called it (ie: dead, dry, sun baked), chopped off. Only a little more than she said I needed. But I miss those 4 inches constantly. It's kinda ridiculous that it's bothering me this much. The long brittle dead stuff was bothering me just as much. And it's not even really that much shorter. But, I was just loving my long hair. Every time I look at photos of my like this one I cringe inside.

Vain. That's me.

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Kaley said...

a- I miss my hair too. a-lot!