December 09, 2010

party, party, party

Reverb10 + Party
What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.

Oh, gosh. That's an easy one. Smoothie night is always my favorite party of the year. I know that's kinda selfish cause my roommate and I are the ones that throw it. But I just love it. Costumes, smoothies and dancing. What could be better.

This year, we used another building at camp because our tiny cottage can't handle 70 people dancing. The floors almost (literally) fell in two years ago. So we moved it across camp.

The theme this year was Storybook. Come as a character from a book. It was one of the best ones yet. I cut up comic books and old Reader's Digest condensed novels to make bunting for the ceiling to make it a little more festive. LOVED the way it turned out.

The best part of smoothie night is seeing everyone's amazing costumes though. We don't spend a lot of money. And most of use the camp prop closet, but still, the costumes and creativity always astound me.

This year I was Anne Shirley. My roommate was Molly Weasley. These two were The Narrator and Tyler Durden from Fight Club.

Then, of course we had Mary and Joseph. And later, Baby Jesus.

The little boy and the tree from The Giving Tree.

Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf.

And a whole host of other characters. You can see some more here.

And it is a full on dance party. Our executive director is the DJ. He takes requests the week before the party and has them all ready to go. It is too much fun.

Ah, Smoothie Night. I can't wait for you next year. How you fill my heart with love and sunshine!


Kaley said...

Anne Shirley AND Molly Weasley? Be still my beating heart!

Katie's Story said...

When is smoothie night this coming summer? I miss coming to them!

cottage girl said...

For sure, Kaley. It was the best.

K: not sure yet. You should throw your own with all your friends. It's cheap and FUN!

Allison Drew said...

This party looks like SO much fun! Love it!