December 10, 2010


Reverb10 + Decisions
What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?

I've made a few big decisions this year. Most I have never shared here. Some I will share when the time is right. It's also hard to know if they will be life changing until they play out a little longer.

I will say that making decisions is not my strong suit. I'm terrible at it in fact. I will falter back and forth over the tiniest thing. It seems to be a family trait though. I come from a long line of indecisive people. Right, Mom?!

post script...Reasons I know that winter is here:

I have both a heater and a humidifier running in my room all the time.

I have to warm up my mascara each morning to unclump it from being so cold
Slippers are a necessity at all times in the Cottage.
If I sit on the floor, it must be with a blanket or two to take the chill off.

I wear my coat, scarf and gloves INSIDE the office all day.
I'm already counting down the months/days till spring is here.


Kristi-Anna said...

I am a really bad decision maker to. BUT, I will say that once I've made up my mind to do something, it's hard to come away from it.

cottage girl said...

Love that! Well said. I think that's somewhat the way I am too. I don't like to change my mind, if I've gone through the trouble of making a decision.
Miss you!