December 03, 2010

space bound

I've been watching When We Left Earth.

It's incredibly moving and inspiring.

I loved thinking about how these men, who were the first to go into space, were just test pilots. They were brave enough to get in a contraption built by people who had no idea what space was really like.

I love hearing how they were adventurous and competitive with each other, yet seemed to genuinely care about their little group.

I, myself, can't imagine being that brave to step into the unknown. Not to mention that I about had a panic attack just watching the tiny capsule that they used. I would have clawed my way out in a millisecond.

And the whole motion sickness thing. Just hearing the name "Vomit Comet" made me almost lose it. I was not made for space travel.

It was so fascinating to see how the whole country was glued to their televisions and even the beaches of FL watching every moment. The world was changing before their very eyes.

I was born after man had walked on the moon. The world I lived in already knew about moon rocks and zero gravity. It had already seen the earth rise and knew what a lunar module was. But that generation was full of children seeing the moon for the first time. They watched it on television as breaking news.

I loved seeing all the crowds of people in their 60's clothing and sunglasses, using the cameras of that era.

America looked up in 1960's. I'm kinda sad that that magical time is gone.

If you are fascinated by space and space travel, check out When We Left Earth and step back in time.

I'm signing off to finish off the Apollo missions and jump into the shuttle era. I do remember that one! I even got to see the shuttle launch once. My grandma lives a hop skip and a jump from Kennedy.

I think that's another reason it has fascinated me. I wonder, every time I visit her, what that area of Florida must have been like in those days. Now is very run down and emptied out. But back then, it must have been a bustling, exciting place to be.

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