December 02, 2010

Doesn't contibute

Reverb10 + Prompt 2
What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?
(Author: Leo Babauta)

That's an easy one.
Could I eliminate it?
Do I want to?
No way.
I enjoy it way too much.

TV is my fun escape. I love stories. I love getting all caught up in them. I enjoy falling in love with characters. I love coming back each week to see their newest adventures. I love that it's all pretend. I love sharing shows with friends and watching them in groups.

I do occasionally go on a TV diet and cut it out severely. Summertime especially. Or when I'm extra busy. But I don't know that it really hurts my writing. It just changes my focus a bit.

And speaking of's what I'm watching at the moment:
Chuck*, Parenthood*, Modern Family*, Smallville*, Big Bang Theory, Mad Men, Gossip Girl, ER reruns, Glee, Grey's Anatomy*, 30 Rock, Project Runway, Rachel Zoe (*favorites)

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