December 17, 2010

December movie list

I want to see more movies (that are in theaters) this month than I have all year. What?! Summer 2010 was a huge disappointment movie-wise. Thank goodness for a happy note to end on...

1. Somewhere (#1 on my list for the whole year)

2. Tron

3. The King's Speech

4. The Fighter

5. Harry Potter #7 (wait...I saw this one.....twice. But I would totally see it again.)

6. Tangled (wait...I saw this one too. But I would totally see it again. And buy it to watch it again)

Bring on the dark theater and $6 Tuesday tickets. (Our tickets are $10.50 at night! So ridiculous!) And maybe a brother or friend to go to one or two with me. I'm sure I could convince my parents to go see Tron with me. They are the reason I love sci fi in the first place.

What's on your December movie list?


Gina said...

What? No Dawn Treader?

cottage girl said...

Sadly, no. I was so disappointed in the last Narnia movie. Dawn Treader was one of my favorite books in the series though. I think I'll wait for the DVD instead of spending 10 bucks on something I'm pretty sure won't be as good as the book.