December 23, 2010

make it

This has been fun month for creating and dreaming up fun new projects. Here's something I did for a friend's birthday earlier this month.

She's a fellow photographer. An amazing one. We both have Nikon's (yes!), which are great camera's, but have those not so pretty camera straps with the world "NIKON" in bright yellow all over them. A few years ago, I made a camera strap cover to go over mine. You know, doll it up a bit. My friend was so nice to say that she really liked it. Perfect gift idea!

I used some of my favorite fabrics and sewed up a few covers. I made little photo tags for them by cutting up some old UO/Anthro catalogs, drawing cameras on them with a Sharpie (patterns from Red Velvet Art embroidery sets were used as examples) and pinning the tags to the straps with safety pins.

Then I put them in a clear treat bag and made a paper topper with some old Love, Elsie paper I've been saving for years.

It's rather disgusting how much I enjoy wrapping things. I think it takes me just ask long to wrap my gifts as buy/make them. It's such a fun, creative challenge every time.


tp said...

blessed x2!

Allison Drew said...

oh dang. I love these. You should sell them on etsy.