May 02, 2011

the blessing of no

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Amidst the camp crazy weekend....and crazy it was, let me tell you....I read this quote during my quiet time....

"God's decision to disallow us to fill roles we - by temperament or history - are unfitted for is also a blessing. Both what we receive and what we don't receive can constitute blessings for us and those around us. God is all-wise. He blesses us as surely by what He does not grant as what He does." -Beth Moore The Patriarchs

Sometimes (most of the time) I need a re-adjustment in my views of God. I am pretty good at putting Him my own little God shaped box and asking Him to adhere to my rules that I think He should follow. I think that I've asked in good conscious what would be good and right for me. I try to be diplomatic and give Him plenty of reasons why this particular thing would be a wise decision. I lay out some great paths that would seemingly just fit well with what I think He is doing in my life.

And then after my long, thought out plans that I think would be His will are laid at His feet, He answers with a "no." I'm completely taken back. "What, God? But it just makes sense. And I'm pretty sure that it could work. Don't you see?" And still a solid "no."

Looking back now, I can see how those "no's" have been a blessing. The blessing of protecting me from my silly self. My prideful self. My narrow-viewing self. I'm slowly (ever so slowly) learning the beauty of the blessing of "no." And thank you, Jesus, that you are patient enough to love me beyond my pride and selfishness and answer me with a love-filled "no."

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