May 26, 2011

just my day

I spent the day crabbing, water snake hunting, river otter hunting, sun baking with 40 kindergarten and first graders. We caught a bunch of crabs, which were all thrown back into the water because they were too small.

When putting on my sunscreen this morning, I missed one small patch on my neck, which means I have one bright red spot on one side of my neck. It's really attractive.

I went to the marina for the first time this year to gas up the boats. I forgot how much I truly hate smelling like gas after the boat spits gas all over me. I also forgot how much I love staring the at the beautiful homes that line the creek side on the way to the gas dock.

I had dinner club with friends on the back deck in the perfectly cool evening after baking in the sun all day. I love these Thursday evenings and will dearly miss them this summer when we are all scattered across camp in our various jobs. I love talking and laughing with my camp friends. LOVE.

I watched (super excitedly) watched Vampire Diaries tonight. Thank you CW for airing season 2 from the beginning. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I'm now going to bed at 9:25. More boater training bright and early in the am. Some time in 1 Peter and then sleepy time....

Good night, Neverland.

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