May 07, 2011

next level

I read on one of my favorite blogs that today was Free Comic Book Day.

So, I decided to step up to the next level in my nerd status
and take my first trip to the local comic book store.

From there, it only got worse.

I went to see Thor.
And really enjoyed it.
And every comic book movie preview I saw as well.


ps...I wanted to jump up and down with glee when I saw the preview for Super 8. Can not wait for that one. Kyle Chandler?! Absolutely.

pss...I went to the movie by myself (love movies by myself) and had several groups of guys look at me kinda puzzled, like they couldn't figure out if I was in the wrong theater or not. "Dude, shouldn't she be at Water For Elephants or Something Borrowed? Do you think she knows what movie this is? Maybe she'll figure it out when she sees the previews." It was great.

psss...the comic book store was nuts. So many people inside and out plus a HUGE line. The cashier knew all of them by name and was giving them updates on when the next edition of their favorite series would be out. It was like being in an episode of Big Bang Theory. Awesome.


ktp said...

I think I've been to FCBD four times now, and it's a whole new level of geekdom each year. And it's always incredibly awkward, as I'm usually one of two or three girls (read: mom's driving their 12 yr old sons) and the 20 guys there when the doors open. This year, I upped the ante and wore a star wars shirt and insisted on getting a picture of the baby playing with a comic book. Glad to see you enjoyed it:)

cottage girl said...

Love it! I bet that little girlie looked so cute with her momma in that crazy store. What a cute picture that must be.
Do you have any comic book suggestions for me? I'm still a newbie to the whole genre.
And are you dragging your hubby to any of the movies this summer? HP7 part 2 for sure, right?!

ktp said...

Hmm... I was introduced to comics through V for Vendetta and the Watchmen, which are definitely good reads. The only series that I seriously follow is Fables, which takes all of the childhood storybook characters and imagines them living adult lives in NYC. There's a spin-off series, Jack of Fables, that I should get to at some point perhaps. I've heard that Y: The Last Man is really good as well, though it ended a while ago. Other than that, I've heard that the Marvel online subscription is the way to go for reading back issues.

I can't wait for HP7pt2:) It's the only movie on my radar right now, except for Your Highness... though, I'll probably wait for it to hit Netflix.