May 09, 2011

Just another evening

What's it like to live at camp? Here's a little story to give you a peak inside this crazy life we call ours....

When the evening sun came around tonight and the shadows were growing long, we all ventured outside. It was a lovely evening. A normal Monday evening.

Some of us sat in the cool grass gazing up, up, up at this crazy new thing that had been installed during the last 3 weeks.

Helloooo, up there.

A brand new zip line. Something we have all been dreaming of for years and years. And now, it was finally here. Completed. Ready to be test driven.

So we climbed up that super high telephone pole, stood shakily at the top and got harnessed in for the coolest new ride around.

It was a LONG way down. Friends shouted up with cheers of encouragement and glee. But they looked so tiny from way up high.

And that view, oh that view was incredible. You can see for miles. The water all around. Up high in the tree tops.

We all bravely (well, some of us felt brave) stood on top and then jumped and zoomed down toward the ground.

It's quite a rush. A thrill. Super fun.

It's hard to let go of that pole though. That nice, strong, firm pole that seems so much more stable than a string and some wire.

But once you are zipping along, it's worth the 20 seconds of terror at the top. It's kinda like being Peter Pan for a minute.

And there are friends at the bottom waiting to catch you and bring you back down to safety.

At times, it can be a tough life, this camp life. It can be exhausting and frustrating and draining and disappointing. It comes with its own share of problems.

But more than that, it comes with an even bigger share of joy and love and fulfillment and peace.

And it comes with friends to share it all with on cool, spring evenings. It comes with zip lines on Monday nights and boat rides on Sundays and laughter. So much laughter. And a God who loves us all and joins our little hearts together as one, big, happy family.

And that zip line...holy guacamole, it's super fun:


val said...

this is a great day for you guys..zipline is so nice to enjoy with..

Gina said...

that video is UH-mazing!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I SO want to do this! - Mom

lindsey said...

thanks april - you just made mike smile real big.