May 01, 2011

1...2 movie reviews

In the midst of a nuts-o weekend (I'm exhausted!), I managed to squeeze in this movie.

It was one of the movies on my Sundance list last year that I didn't get to see. Thankfully, HBO picked it up and it came out on video recently.

A few notes:

*Adrian Genier is adorable. Those eyes. That hair. His Vincent Chase walk.

*I can't stand celebrity gossip. 'Tis true. Ask my roommate. She loves TMZ and People and Us Weekly. Me: no thanks. When we watched the Oscars she had to tell me why "this" person had "that" date. I have no clue most of the time. So I really, really don't get the whole paparazzi thing. It just seems so ridiculous.

*I liked a few of the points the movie made about how celebrity worship is really just a selfish, ego boost for us, the watchers. It also talked about how sad it was that many people will follow their favorite celebrities and know more about them than they do about any of their "real life" friends. We've lost our sense of community because we'd rather read about a "famous" person than go and meet our neighbor down the street.

Anyway, if you enjoy a good documentary, this one was a great watch. If you enjoy the paparazzi and celebrity watching, this is right up your alley. If you want to see a 14 year old kid get paid to be a paparazzo, this is definitely for you.

Movie #2: I also saw 127 Hours earlier this week.

I enjoy Danny Boyle's movies. Sunshine and Slumdog Millionaire being my two favorites. I watched this one mostly because I enjoy the way he tells a story, not because I wanted to see a guy chop off his hand. And one of those scenes is burned into my memory forever. Blech.

Aside from the hand chopping scenes (and only because I have a weak stomach when it comes to such things), it was a good movie. You really felt like you were with him down in that crack, pinned to the wall by a rock. A well told story once again, Danny Boyle. Well told.

What did you all see this weekend? Anything good?

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