May 22, 2011

Photo mail

My dear, little (well, she is to me at least) sister is so kind to send me picture mail constantly. It's one of the best inventions in the world after skype and texting. We both hate, HATE talking on the phone. But texting and photos...we're pretty good at that. We can go a week...or two...without talking on the phone, but we text just about every single day.

I love that. Same with my brother. We are all non-phone talkers, so texting is heaven sent. And getting photos of my niece and nephew is like the best thing ever. It helps our separation immensely.

I haven't seen them since Christmas and won't get to see them until after camp is over. That's like 9 months. Gulp. Sob. And I won't get to see baby number three until he/she is a few months old. That's a tough one to swallow at the moment...

So, I'm thankful for a sister who takes the time to snap a photo almost every day and send it to me. I'm thankful for a family who is comfortable and okay with our non-phone loving status. And I'm will be extra thankful if Southwest decides to put plane tickets on sale this summer, so I can zip on over to MI for a quick weekend. Hear that Southwest....

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