May 05, 2011

Vintage the second

LinkThis is the other vintage dress I found on my great hunt.

I it wore to the wedding.

This was the one that I drooled over and was ecstatic to find that it was under $20 when it rang up at the counter when I was checking out.

It was such a find.

And those shoes are totally not me, but they just seemed to work with this dress. I'm not a heels girl. I'm a flip-flops and Chuck Taylors type of girl. Now, I love my weird heels and have tried to wear them with lots of other things. And tried to NOT kill myself when walking in heels. Wow.

Dress: vintage

Shoes: Target

Belt: Target


Allison Drew said...

That dress fits you so perfectly!

Gina said...

looks even better than i imagined.

cottage girl said...

Thanks, friends!