May 23, 2011

He = joy

(from my trip to Scotland in 2005. just found my old CD of photos)

I decided it's time to go back through all my old photos from my trip to England/Scotland/Paris in 2005. That trip was a big reason I started this blog way back then. Almost 6 years ago. Quite a lot of rambling.

On a completely different topic, church was incredible yesterday. It's always those times when I don't want to go or am completely exhausted from a long weekend at camp that I get the most out of it. It's like God is showing Himself when I remain faithful in the small things.

Yesterday it was the reminder that He is where I need to find my joy. My contentment. My peace. In Him alone and nothing else. Not even in the answers to prayer He may give or the blessing He may bestow. But only in Him. (Luke 10:20)

It's a great reminder as I head into camp (next week!) and pour myself out in ministry 24/7. I need to be filled by Him and Him alone to survive. He must be the most important thing for any of this to work. And I must be completely out of the way so He can shine through brightly.

And with that, goodnight to you all!

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