May 14, 2011

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Things I did not catch on film today....

Walking through the door of my bestie's house to be immediately jumped on and hugged by my two little "nieces" screaming "you're here! You're here!" And melting into a giant puddle of mush.

Reading books with them on the couch.

Listening to their 3 yr and 6yr old voices and loving every moment of it.

A nice long walk with the aforementioned bestie which included a nice long chat as well. The good kind. The kind that sinks deep into your soul. The kind that feels like a happy sigh in the midst of a stressful time. The kind that only comes after years of knowing each other.

This same bestie with her adorable pregnant belly. #3 will be here soon!

Listening to this great podcast from Mark Driscoll while cruising down the highway. I love how he isn't afraid to offend people. I love being pounded on by the Word.

Doing a fancy hair-do for a super adorable girl who works part time here at camp. She's at prom right now. My friend and I did her hair and makeup and then got to see her off with her date. So much fun!

Sweet jr/high schoolers helping me clean up and re-organize the gift shop/snack shop. They finished it in 40 minutes. It would have take me about 1 whole week. Thank you, Jesus. He sent them to me at exactly the right time!

Laughing with kids about silly things. Listening to their conversations. I feel like so many kids today don't get listened to. Really listened to. It's amazing the conversations you can have with them.

Laying on the couch with my roommate watching Jimmy Fallon on DVR after a long, busy day.

Listening to the thunder rumble outside and hoping the rain continues all night because there is no sound I love more than rain on the roof.

What did you not get photos of this weekend?

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