May 13, 2011

what a week

So, I couldn't post last night 'cause Blogger was down for a few hours. Grrrr....

To be honest, I didn't have much to say anyway. This week was one of those "exhausting" weeks at camp. Very busy. A tad overwhelming. Stressful. But it was also full of much laughter and an impromptu dance party in the camp kitchen today which always makes everything better, right?!

Plus, the Lord answered a massive request of ours this week. We'll have a new full time staff member in just a few weeks. Wow. I can't believe how quickly He answered our prayers.

On the agenda for this weekend...

1. Visit a college bestie, spend some quality time chatting with her and loving on her littles.
2. Send a highschool friend off to her prom with a fun hairdo.
3. Thank the Lord for the high school group that is helping me clean up our camp gift shop. It will feel so good to check that off the list....whew.
4. Watch the Smallville series finale. Sniff-sniff. (this may be repeated several times) side note: I started watching Smallville the year I moved into the Cottage/the year it began. Wow.
5. Pray for these two families for whom my heart is so burdened

And now, I leave you to have a good weekend yourselves. Here's a little clip to send you on your way. If you haven't seen The Young Victoria yet, well, now you have something to put on your "things to watch this weekend list!" It has further cemented itself into my favorites list the more times I've watched it.


kaley said...

I also love the young victoria! I'm sad that I can't get anything from the gift shop- because I am a large pregnant woman. ;)

cottage girl said...

We do have some XL t-shirts. Maybe you could belt it and wear it as dress...