May 20, 2011

Lookie what showed up in my mailbox today...and thoughts on the end of the world

Equally scared (that the movie makers will mess it up) and super excited (it's going to be a movie!) over this one. I, for one, am super excited for Jennifer Lawrence. It think she'll be fantastic.

In other news...if tomorrow is the end of the world (has anyone else been having this silly discussion/joke for the last month?), I must admit that I won't be sad about it.

Take me home, Jesus.

I'd like a house between my brother and my sister. We'd be right across the street from my parents. All my dear friends would live in the houses on the rest of the street. All the kids would play together. And we'd just meet up a Jesus' throne every day. I'd also have rooms in my house for Janie and Shannan because I can't imagine heaven without them with me. Teresia and her family would live on our street. And Florence and her family would too.

Why would I ever think that would be a bad thing? All these thoughts of heaven have gotten me so excited to see Jesus. To spend eternity being loved by Him. To finally understand what that would mean. To finally understand with complete clarity, the Bible. To see face to face, not through the glass dimly.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!


Anonymous said...

Amen! -love from momma

Anonymous said...

That was my thought too.

Kaley's Aunt Marty.